Tip of the Month

February:  ” Built-in luxury 

Many homeowners taking on a renovation are hesitant about doing a built-in or drop-in tub because those terms usually mean more labour or more money. Bain Ultra is one company that has come up with a great way to combine the built-in style with the functionality of their tubs at a great price point.
Bain Ultra has been the leader in therapy baths for many years. While in the residential world, they are known for their beautiful and therapeutic free-standing tubs, they have now introduced the monarch collection to their line. The monarch collection offers a variety of tub sizes including the standard 60″ x 32″ that can be finished in popular Quartz colours. You can now purchase your tub desk and skirt knowing these pieces are specially cut to fit the tub that you have ordered. Because Bain Ultra has made this a one stop purchasing experience, they can offer your clients a great value on Quartz pieces that could normally be a premium price directly from a fabricator. The entire Monarch collection is also available with Bain Ultra’s certified air system.
Position your Quartz covered tubs as the focal point of your bathroom, in an alcove or beside your walk-in shower. anywhere you place it, the Monarch collection is sure to be clean, beautiful and the best way to end your day.
Come into our showroom to see it first-hand!

– Ashley Christophe  –

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 January:  “Vessel Sinks

There’s no better way to impress your guests than with a Powder Room that says wow! Customize your space by pairing a console with a vessel sink! We have a wide variety of bold, unique and elegant vessel sinks on display in our showroom, including Glass Design from Italy! These vessel sinks come in various colors and finishes and will make for a great conversation piece in your home. For an elevated design element try adding a pair of beautiful pure crystal faucet handles to match your sink, exclusively from Glass Design!

– Lynda McQueen –


December:  3D Tile” 

Add some dimension to your powder room by using interesting shapes and patterns. 3D tiles on your wall will add a more unique look that gives it more life than just paint or wallpaper alone. Use a timeless classic shape to give more of a contemporary look.

– Cara Silvestri –

image 5 3d picture

November: “Warm it up

A rustic wood vanity will help add character and warmth to any bathroom. Having a wood vanity doesn’t mean you need to have an entirely rustic bathroom, try pairing your wood vanity with patterned tiles! Add some round mirrors and matte black accents, this will give you the cozy, transitional space you’ve been dreaming of!

– Lisa Lyras-


August: “The Beauty Of Marble With No Maintenance

If you love the look of natural marble but are worried your lifestyle doesn’t suit it’s delicate nature in your kitchen or bathroom, consider these other options for your space.

1. Opt for a marble look alike: Advancements in technology over the past few years have allowed the beauty of marble to be replicated on more durable and non porous materials such as porcelain. Porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats for a seamless look.  You could also consider selecting a Quartz with veining in it, as the veining in Quartz can often mimic the same movement as authentic marble stone.
2. Marble Accents: Try using marble in smaller areas, perhaps a marble border around your tiles or a small feature area of marble mosaics. Marble can also be used alternatively in your plumbing fixtures! The Marmo Collection from Aquabrass mixes marble and metal for a unique design impact!

– Cara Silvestri –


July: “At Home Oasis

Why not create your own oasis at home with a Therapy Tub?
Bain Ultra offers six different therapies designed with your health, well-being & relaxation in mind. Each therapy offers a number of unique health and wellness benefits. These tubs have therapeutic air jets to gently massage your muscles, and offer the comfort of a heated back rest to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience.  Bain Ultra tubs allow you to mix multiple therapies together to help enhance your overall quality of life! 

– Lynda McQueen –


June: “Five Tips to Mixing & Matching Tiles

With all the tile selections on the market now, it is easy to get caught up in the mix. Most people will only renovate every 7-10 years so when it comes to tiles we either over design with too many different selections or we play it safe by sticking to only one style of tile. Here are 5 tips to designing a beautifully tiled space.

#1: Maintain at least one consistent element
This could be carrying a specific colour throughout the space, or working with the same size tiles on the floor and wall.
#2: Pick one focal point
For example, a free standing tub is usually the feature in a bathroom. Play up the wall behind the tub by introducing a tile in a complimentary colour, or by using a mosaic type tile with an irregular shape, ie: an arabesque or a hexagon tile.
If your walk-in shower is your feature, add visual interest to the wall that has all your plumbing fixtures or on the largest wall of the shower enclosure.
#3: Mix Textures
Mixing textures is a great way to elevate your space. Mix glossy with matte finishes, smooth with uneven tiles, straight edges with a handmade look.
#4: Grout colours are important
Remember your grout colour can either neutralize your tile and colour palette or accentuate it. You can bring life to a simple white subway tiles by pairing it with a medium to dark grout or accomplish a clean minimal look by pairing white grout with white tiles.
#5: Order & Direction
Not all 12” x 24’ tiles or subway style tiles need to be laid out in a brick pattern. Change things up by laying your marble tiles in a herringbone pattern, lay wood tiles in a basket weave pattern, or lay your subway tiles out in a chevron pattern. You can also combine the two or more sizes of the same tile to create something interesting.

Entering a beautiful bathroom is a great way to start and end your day. The sales team at Tiles Plus can work with you and your design team to create a space that is all your own!

– Ashley Christophe –

option 3

May: “Five Tips for Selecting A Bathroom Vanity”

Tip #1: Choose open storage for showcasing heirlooms or linens, closed storage for cleaning supplies and personal affects. Look at your current bathroom and storage and determine your ideal design.
Tip #2: Vanities that resemble dressers are a great way to get plenty of drawer storage.
Tip #3: A wall-mounted vanity can create the illusion of more space in a tight bathroom or powder room.
Tip #4: A spacious master bath may include dual vanities with a bridge or storage shelving between.
Tip #5: Make sure you have plenty of space for foot traffic around your vanity – especially when the doors are open. Don’t have room for doors? Consider an open vanity.
– Lisa Lyras –
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February: “Lines of Luxury”

Add lines of luxury to your bathroom design with this exclusive award winning collection of 3D faucets, the first of their kind. This innovative collection offers 3 different faucets; the Shadowbrook, Trope and Vibrato. Each faucet brings its own unique style to any space. Whether it be a powder room or master bath, these faucets are the bold statement you have been looking for.
Now on display in our showroom.

– Vanessa Perrone –


January: “Add Some Glamour With Glass”

Glass tiles can bring an out-dated kitchen or bathroom into the 21st century. Their reflective surface allows them to play off of any tones and textures in your space. Glass comes in a variety of colours and sizes, so it looks unique from one home to another. Glass tiles can also be highlighted with various grout options, try matching a light coloured grout with a darker tile or vice versa! Neutralize your colour palette, or add a pop of colour – don’t be afraid to let the glass shine!

– Ashley Christophe –

glass tile pic

December: “5 Steps For Selecting Bathroom Tiles”

We’ve all been there… The renovation begins and we have accumulated 100’s of pictures to inspire our dream bathroom. Attached are a few tips to help narrow the selection and make the design process as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

1. Pick Your “Must Have” Tile First
This could be a tile you have dreamed of or something that continues to grab your attention. Whatever it may be, take this tile and use it as your starting point and build your colour pallet and remaining choices around this.

2. Stick To One “Show Stopper”
There are so many beautiful tiles available, and so many different ways to install them. A bathroom is a perfect place to show off some of your personality and take a risk with a fun color or pattern. However, we recommend that you keep it to one show stopper. This will allow your look to be timeless and really create the wow factor that you are going for.

3. Size Of Bathroom
Don’t be afraid to use large format tiles for a small space. This can make the bathroom look larger and longer. Putting a lovely mosaic on the floor can add depth, texture and design to any space.

4. Grout
Don’t be afraid to use a dark grout on a light tile. Not only does this look fabulous, it keeps the grout looking clean and fresh.

5. Linear Drains
Linear drains are seamless and can be tiled in, this can allow you to use a larger format tile for your shower floor.

– Lisa Lyras –

 November: “Small Bathroom? – No Problem!”

Space constraints are often an issue many people face when wanting to remodel their bathrooms. Luckily, modern stylish vanity options are available for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. Whether floating, free standing or wall mounted sink countertops; let us help you find the right one for your space and taste! Options are available starting from 18″ wide, with depths as shallow as 12″ and up!

– Marco Yevenes –


October: “Finishing Touches”

Custom Vents are a perfect way to finish off your space! Whether it be porcelain, marble or granite we can cut any material to seamlessly fit with the rest of your floor. These custom vents are easy to remove, which makes cleaning a breeze. With two different designs to choose from they compliment a traditional, contemporary or transitional space beautifully.
Have you already tiled? — No need to worry! There is now an option for top mount, the same tile is inset into a thin stainless steel frame that easily drops into your existing vent opening.

– Vanessa Perrone –


July: “Custom Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank”

When taking on a simple bathroom renovation, most of us look at updating our vanities. This is a great starting point since the vanity is the anchor to your bathroom and can set the tone of the overall design. With new construction on the rise bathrooms and powder rooms are created in all shapes and sizes and it can be difficult to get pieces that fit while maintaining your square footage.

Vanico Maronyx is a great line to consider for customizable pieces that amplify storage. They have typical dimensions and various finishes to compliment your design style. Vanico offers three different lines that will suit your budget and provide you with add-on options like makeup tables, vanity mirrors with lighting, floor mounted or wall mounted pieces and more.

Our design coordinators at Tiles Plus will make the process simple and easy. So don’t let the word custom scare you away, it can be affordable.

-Ashley Christophe-


May: “Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Metals”

 Mixing metals is the perfect strategy for adding visual interest and depth to a space, and it’s an effortless way to make the pieces in your home look like they’ve been collected over the years. The trick is to make sure you’re mixing your metals the right way so your space doesn’t become too mismatched or overbearing. Here are my top five tips on decorating with mixed metals:

1. Choose a dominant metal
2. Blend warm and cool tone
3. consider your palette
4. use lots of texture
5. keep it subtle

-Lisa Lyras-


April: “Make a Statement”

 Make a statement by adding a feature wall to your space! This can be easily achieved with Walker Zanger’s award winning collection of tiles.  Visit our showroom and let our staff help to inspire and coordinate your space.
Walker Zanger has created innovative stone and ceramic tile collections to satisfy the most select tastes in design, for use in private homes as well as businesses and public spaces. Walker Zanger combines old-world stone and tile making tradition, with modern sophistication.Our company recognizes the importance of  excellent design, impeccable quality, technical ability and professional service.  Which is why we choose to be the only authorized dealer in Ontario that carries Walker Zanger ‘s exclusive line of tiles.
Kaza Concrete tile (shown below) is produced with state of the art concrete technology and is appropriate for interior and exterior spaces.
For the complete line of Walker Zanger tiles please come for a visit!
-Mary Gifford-
-Mary’s Product Pick –

February: “Highlights from the 2016 Interior Design Show”

 The 2016 IDS show, showcased many of our favorite brands, as well as some new and exciting product lines.
Vanico Maronyx unveiled their new “Mini Collection’ a top pick among our staff!
A series of compact and stylish vanities, offering 12 and 16 inch depths,
that include storage.
Perfect for small spaces and an excellent addition to the Vanico Maronyx collection!

-TilesPlus’ Product Pick –


January: “New Year Resolution”

Do you find yourself using your tub ledge as a storage space for your bathroom amenities?
Here is an innovative way to not only de-clutter your washroom but save some space as well.Easy Drain presents  “The Container Box Series”
A new product-line featuring concealed toilet paper storage / holder and a built-in wall niche made of high quality stainless steel, available in various sizes.

Container Box Wall Niches offer unique space-saving opportunities, and can conveniently stow all your shampoos, shower gel’s and other bathroom items.

The sleek design of Container products will look harmonious in every bathroom.
-Marisa Genuis-


November: “Less Is More After All”

A great way to save space and add some wellness into your daily routine:
DXV’s SEAGRAM wall hung toilet takes up a minimal amount of space at only 20″ in depth. This is a great toilet to consider when trying to open up your room, and create a more airy feel. With the tank and carrier hidden inside the wall, this design offers a sleek, space saving option.
Take one step further by installing a bidet seat on your toilet:
Duravit has a remarkable range of toilets including, wall hung models that accommodate the NEW SensoWash® Slim design. This seat eliminates the need for a bidet in your bathroom and can provide a very ideal solution. The flat lid seat combination is an innovation in form, giving the ensemble the appearance of a traditional, yet elegant toilet.

      Features include:

Nightlight, illuminated inner bowl.
Concealed yet easily accessible control elements.
Electrically operated lid, soft closure.
Remote Control.
Comfort wash, Rear wash, and Ladydusche.
Warm air dryer, heated seat.
Spray arm positioning, water pressure adjustments.
Quick release easy seat removal.
-Danielle Buccella-


October: “Add Warmth To Your Space”

If you’re starting a renovation or building a new home, consider upgrading your space with in-floor heating. Not only does the idea of walking barefoot on a heated floor first thing in the morning sound appealing, it is also an efficient way to keep your space warm through tough winter months. Brands like WarmUp have programmable thermostats that use Active Energy Management™ which can help you save up to 10% on your energy bills by actively prompting you to test lower energy consumption levels. Aside from the functionality of the thermostat they also look great and are available in 8 different colours!
-Vanessa Perrone-


September: “From Sink to Workstation”

Accessories such as cutting boards, colanders, trays and drying racks are a great way to maximize the space in your kitchen. Adding a built-in drawer to your sink  will also make a perfect place for storing your cleaning supplies.
-Tina Morris-


August: “Take the Edge Off”
When choosing a freestanding bath, consider how the design of the tub will shape the look of your space. If your design is linear with very sharp clean lines try an oval bath to bring softness to the room.
-Mary Gifford-


July: “Consider Large-Format Porcelain Slabs!”
Thanks to patented technologies, the ability to reproduce what nature takes thousands of years to create can now be done in a factory within a few hours. A new generation of high-tech porcelain panels offers truly revolutionary size and performance. These prestigious and impressive slabs are ideal for the following reasons:

– Available in 5 different modular sizes up to an astounding 5′ x 10′ with a 6mm thickness
– Durable for interior and exterior use (heat and frost resistant)
– Resistant to cracks and stains
-Mold resistant
– No VOC emissions
– Can be used for countertops, veneers, floor, wall etc.
– More cost effective in comparison to natural stone
-Less care/maintenance required
– Lightweight
– Book matching ability

– Giuliano Cesario


June: “Go Green”
“Over the past twenty years, the ‘Green Movement’ has rapidly evolved, and society has built a sense of environmental responsibility to recycle, preserve  nature, and save water in any way possible. When your space needs an upgrade, it is beneficial to choose “eco-friendly” products that not only support    the environment, but will also save you money long term! For example, a FloWise water saving showerhead is a good way to use 40% less water  everyday. Start today! Go Green!”
– Arvind Paul


May: “Try It Before You Buy It”
“Sit in a bathtub before buying it, bigger isn’t always better.  A 66″ tub is fine for most people if you have the space, it offers enough room to stretch  out and provides a secure foothold, so you do not float into oblivion when the tub is full.  Assess the slope in the back for comfort and neck support.    A 72” tub it is great for 2 people but if you are not going to use it all the time as that, go for the smaller size and look for an extra deep one. Happy Bathing!
– Janine Keeble


April: “Choose The Right Contractor”
A contractor could be in your home and around your family for days, weeks, or even months while changing the way your house looks and functions. You  never want to sacrifice professionalism and quality workmanship for budgetary reasons. If the renovation is not done properly and the workmanship is poor, even the highest quality products cannot hide the disappointment you will feel after spending your time and money for what is supposed to be an improvement. Take the time to find the right contractor for your renovation, referrals are a good start. Make sure the contractor is insured, they are using licensed trades and most importantly make sure they take pride in their work!
– Danielle Buccella – Sales & Design


March: “Make A Small Room Appear Larger”
“Cabinet doors can visually weigh down a small bathroom. Keep things light & airy with a furniture style vanity. A console style vanity, like the Fairmont Designs Toledo, is a great option. You can maximize storage by putting baskets on the bottom shelf, and placing smaller items in the drawers above, while keeping a light open feel.”
– Mary Gifford – Sales & Design


February: “Create A Wish List”
“Start a wish List. When trying to decide on styles, colours & finishes, look in magazines or online to gather inspiration. List the features you like, and that you may want to consider for your own space. This is useful when it comes time for you to make final selections, & certainly helps us guide you in the right direction”
– Vanessa Perrone – Sales & Design


January: “Bring Floor Plans”

“Always bring floor plans (Rough dimensions or dimensioned blue prints) with you when you come to the showroom. Not only does it help you know which products will fit, but the sales associate can help make suggestions that will help you make the most of your space.”
– Carmine Cesario – President Of Tiles Plus


Each Month we will bring you a tip from one of our experienced staff members.